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Another Creepy Pasta

2013-07-06 10:56:00 by Skullls

Whaddayaknow? I made another Creepy Pasta Narration! Be a darling and check it out in my audio files will ya ;)

Gateway of the Mind

2013-06-13 12:43:32 by Skullls

I finally made a thing that didn´t go on here with the thought of : "Well this is going to suck but let´s upload it anyway" (I deleted those that did already)
More precisly my voice over of the Creepy Pasta "Gateway of the Mind"
uuuuh spoky, right?
I´ll post the link to the youtube version with a nice pic and background music once it´s there, too.

Tankmen Battle 2

2010-12-07 11:54:07 by Skullls

yeah although it seems kind of needless I wanted to post a walkthrough for Tankmen Battle 2.
There are many opinions which weapon combination is the best, all I can say is: use both of your hands.
It doesnt really matter how you spare your skills.
Best way to fight is: Barriere, attack until health is low, then heal and keep attacking.
Defend and rocket is useless in hard fights so use the strategy above. If the strategy doesnt work, go back to the first base for lvling, first attack and then rocket, so the battles will be over quick. Trust me: It´s better to slaughter 3 minions in about 2 minutes for 350 exp than battle with an hard enemy for 5 minutes for 250 exp.
The game itself isn´t fun as its VERY repitive but you´ll get the medals


2010-05-02 14:30:28 by Skullls

hey guys I´m back with another short gamewalkthrough. As I played flakboy I thought " I really pity all those gamers making unbelievable complex stages and failing because of a bug(if you played the game before you read this you´ll know what I mean)" So here´s the easiest way: place your best mine as close as you can to flakboy and let him run into it. remember where he hit the wall and place you best spikes there. If you place the spikes right in a line you will cause massive damage. If it´s not enoguh just place a mine or two at the end of your stage. And if even that doesn´t help(but I can´t imagine that) mine him to the other wall and spike it, too

madness acellerant

2009-10-18 08:33:21 by Skullls

hey guys, I finnaly decided to give you all aviable tips and trick for madness accelerant (aviable for me)
Yor main enemy is the clown he will show up in the form as a giant head with hands. In your first "meeting" with im he will try to smash you with his hand, but it should be easy to dogde left and right.
He will smack you to the right but you don´t get any damage of those. Then youre up against a couple of minions. They have weapons but they lose ém at the first hit. The second time he got you between him and a wall. You can jump over his punches so watch his fists. After more happy minion slaying you will meethim in an elevator. The clown will ounch through the top of the elevator. So he got limited place to hit, but you also got limited place to shoot. Next enemy will be kind of a giant minion. When his shotgun shows up from the bootom just jump into the whole. After he reloads his shotgun it´ll be fixed for a moment so you can dodge. Next fight again against th clown. He will spit fire so watch his mouth. To dodge juyt hang on the pipe above your head by jumping on it. Warining: if you keep hanging there he will punch you. Next time he´s a little smaller. He will rush from one side of the room to the other so watch his fist. Last fight against him he will be stuck in a wall but he spits explosives. --- for medals: a winner is you for beating game on normal madness for beating it on madness mode facerape for blowing the clowns face pacifist for NOT blowing his face and true me if you found out. Oh and frindly fire is active so the may kill each other in order to kill you^^ have fun!

madness acellerant

Cave of Wonders

2009-09-09 14:19:42 by Skullls

yep guys there is another game for the big place at the frontpage. I played it and give you as far as possible a "walkthrough" first after you entered the battle ground destroy those machines (easy one huh?) in luis first form he will spit 3fire balls among the battlefield one high one at the middle and one low. Try to hit him whilst he spit high and then jump to his head bouncing his head up and done wil do some damage. He will rush to the other side of the battlefield so don´t be in his way and don´t touch him whn hes in flames. in his second form he will be in undertrusers>:) hit him when he walks towards the middle he will become a fire ball and jump all around but it´s easy to dogde but be careful! he drops explosive candy his last form is an UFO the platforms will be erased he shoots a rocket and let some rocks falls the rocks aren´t dangerous but you can jump up to him with their help. WARNING: when the rocket explodes the most above rocks will be erased.then it´s about to run away with double jump you can get up on walls but the rest is up to you extra medals will be reviced by: getting killed in the fight, too slow in running away and be smashed by the rocks, falling down and of yourse gettin you ass out save^^

Toss The Turtle ( TTT )

2009-08-22 15:31:50 by Skullls

My tipps for TTT: for the first tries it shoould be easy to fire the 3 shots at the highest pont so you first flight is prolonged. First go after the 2000$ Jetpack so you can bring it on again even if you nearly stopped or prolong the first jump. Then buy the 6000$ pistol. Skip the 8000$ pistol and buy the uzi.
After that buy the second cannon. In the second trier you should buy the AK, it´ll help you to keep your turtle up for a good time/distance before the first hit on the ground. Onwards just buy the cheapest aviable but the AK is the best weapon of the second trier. Also be aware it´s in fact better than the bazooka.
My tricks for TTT: set the quality to low or your computer may die down when you have the least for it. The secret button is a nearly invisible question mark between the blast and co in the shop

last stand 1 and 2

2009-08-14 10:23:10 by Skullls

last stand 1: Not much to say. The first days are the hardest because you got to handle with to much zombies and you got only weak weapons. They game gets easier with the time, better weapons will help you keeping the zombies off and survivors will help you shooting zombies and best of all reparing your barricades

last stand 2: the biggest problems are without a question the low count of surviviors and sometimes weak barricades. Best way you can do is hoping for suvivors and move on as quickly as you can. The Chainsaw is an underestimaded weapon. You´ll do extreme heavy damage with it and also it will help you to survive even after the barricade is down. Be aware of zombies with weapons they can kill you survivors even with a good barricade! And you WON´T find lot´s of survivors

thing-thing arena 3

2009-08-14 10:14:40 by Skullls

my tipps for thing thing arena3:
KI is very low. Enemys just run after you, if you stand right at the same place as you they can´t harm you.
They are progamed heading right to your direction if you stand at the same place as they do they won´t move and because their weaopons are a bit away from their bodys (body->hand->weapon) they can´t shoot at you. You can also try to put them below you, if you jump to a higher platform they will try to come after you but if the jump ain´t enough they walk below you and only shoot at the walls.
(P.S: Try to do 100 kills with every weapon to get most medals)

Don´t expect a thing

2009-08-14 06:56:29 by Skullls

don´t expect a thing... NG ain´t take my posts i won´t make any more